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Cover of the ebook version of "A Matter of Trust."

A Matter of Trust is the seventh-published Dreams of Control story, first published on Amazon in August 2012.


Stefan Antonescu, one of the world's rare and secretive true magicians, finds an unexpected visit from old acquaintance Cassiopeia Angelis setting them on the trail of a long-lost and legendary charm, the Silver Tongue. Soon, both Stefan and Cassiopeia find their ability to slake their lusts on beautiful mortals like the gorgeous Marica enhanced tenfold by their rediscovery of the spell that powered the Silver Tongue, the Invocation of Truth.

But magicians are never satisfied... and now the sometime friends, oftentime lovers, and occasional deadly rivals are on a collision course as they struggle to reach the Stone of Truth and the ultimate power over others that it can grant those who dare to find it. 

Connections to Other Dreams of Control StoriesEdit

Stefan appears in the party scene of Hell to Pay: Halloween Dreams. Cassiopea is also briefly seen in the background. Stefan also plays a key role in Give the Devil Her Due.

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